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Forms Search Help

An Advanced Forms Search screen is available to allow you to locate forms using a number of selection criteria. You can search this site by:
- The first letter of the Form Title.
- Form Number or part of the Form Number.
- Any words or phrases within the Form Title.
- Restrict search to a particular Ministry, Branch/Agency or Program.
- Restrict search results to only newly published forms.
- Sort search results by Form Number or Form Title.
- Limit the number of matching result returned from a search.

Note: Searching is restricted to this Forms Repository.

Selecting Forms by the First Letter in the Title

Click on a letter to display only those forms with the chosen letter as the first letter of the title. The list of letters is made up of those representing all titles available in the database; if a letter is not underlined there are no titles starting with it.

Selecting Forms Issued by a Ministry, Agency/Branch, Program

You can restrict the search to those Forms published by Ministry, Branch/Agency and Program.
Using the Ministry Select dropdown list, select the name of Ministry issuing the forms. To display forms regardless of Ministry, select ‘*** All Ministries ***’. For example, if you have chosen to view the forms from the Ministry of Health select Health and Long-Term Care from the Select Ministry drown down list. All the forms that belong to Ministry of Health will be displayed. To clear the Ministry filter, choose ‘*** All Ministries ***’ from the drop down list.
Likewise you can restrict the search to those Forms published by Branch/Agency and/or Program area by using their respective selection dropdown list.

Try starting with a simple search on one word

Let’s say you want to find forms about Applications and their relationship with licenses. In the Form Contains filter field, try searching on Applications and if there are too many returns, try adding licenses separated by a space. This restricts your search and finds only forms with all those words in them.

Keep an eye on the number of results you get back

If you have too many or too few results, try reformulating your search criteria.
If there are too many results, try using AND. (ie. cats AND dogs returns documents containing both values (returns fewer results))
If there are too few results, try reducing your selection criteria.