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Form 1 - Notice to Contractor Under Section 18 of the Act Construction Lien Act(CLA-1-E)
This form notifies a contractor that the joint owner or owner in common of the premises on which the contractor is contracted to make improvements assumes no responsibility for the improvements.

Form 10 - Certificate of Action Under Section 36 of the Act Construction Lien Act(CLA-10-E)
This form certifies that a lien claimant has commenced an action to enforce a lien.

Form 11 - Notice Requiring Particulars of Sheltered Claim for Lien Under Paragraph 4 of Subsection 36 (4) of The Act Construction Lien Act(CLA-11-E)
This form notifies a lien claimant whose lien is sheltered under the perfected lien of another lien claimant that he or she must provide the defendant with further particulars of their claim.

Form 12 - Notice of Cross-Examination on Claim for Lien Under Section 40 of the Act Construction Lien Act(CLA-12-E)
This form notifies a lien claimant, agent or assignee of the lien claimant, or a trustee of a workers' trust fund (where applicable) that he or she will be cross-examined on the lien claim.

Form 13 - Notice of Cross-Examination Under Section 40 of the Act Construction Lien Act(CLA-13-E)
This form notifies the person to be examined or the person's solicitor, every other person named in the lien claim as having an interest in the premises, the contractor, and the payer of the lien claimant of the date, time, and location of the cross-examination.

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