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Forms FAQ

Question:  What are the minimum requirements to use the forms on this website?

Answer:   Most forms found on this website are in PDF format that requires a PC or Mac computer with Adobe Reader version 10 (X) or greater.  These forms will not work on most mobile devices such as Tablets or Smart Phones.  Follow this link to download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader for your computer.  The Adobe Reader is a free software. 

You can find the version of the Adobe Reader you are using by launching your Adobe Reader, and selecting Help and About Adobe Reader.

Question:  I am having difficulty opening forms on this website?  What steps can I follow?

Answer:  If you are using Google Chrome, Firefox or browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may encounter difficulties opening forms.  This is because the PDF viewer embedded in your browser does not support the particular Adobe PDF Form technology used in forms.  These forms must be downloaded and then viewed using Adobe Reader version 10 (X) or above outside the browser.

Please download the form to your computer, and then open it with Adobe Reader.

For help on how to configure your browser to permanently fix this issue please follow this link:

How to Open XFA-based PDF forms on Firefox and Chrome

Question:  How can I search for the form I am looking for?

Answer:  There are multiple ways to search for forms on the Central Forms Repository:

  • Key in the form title, partial title or keyword(s) associated with the form you are looking for in the Quick Search for Forms.  If you know the form number which is located in the bottom left corner of each form, you can search using this number here as well.  If the form you are looking for is not found, try other keywords or use other search methods explained below.

  • You can use the Navigation Options at the right hand side of the screen to look for a form under the specific ministry that delivers the associated service.  Once you select the ministry, you will have the option to narrow your search by branch, and then by the specific program.

  • Many of the forms on the Central Forms Repository are divided into subject themes and you have the option to search the forms by category.  Click on the “Browse By Category” link on the right hand side of the screen, and then select the most relevant category and sub-category.

  • Due to privacy and security, not all Government of Ontario forms are posted on this website.  If the form you are looking for is not available, please contact feedback@ontario.ca

    Question:  Can I save a blank form on my computer to be used at a later date?

    Answer:  Yes, you can save a blank form by downloading it to your computer. However, we recommend that you visit the Central Forms Repository and download the latest version when you are ready to complete the form.  This will ensure that you are always using the most current version of the form.

    Question:  Can I save the completed form on my computer?

    Answer:  Most forms available on the Central Forms Repository give you the capability to save the completed or partially completed form to your computer.

    Question:  What accessibility software will assist me in completing these forms?

    Answer:  All forms on the Central Forms Repository are accessible in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.  We recommend that you use one of the following screen readers to help you complete the forms:

    • JAWS
    • NVDA
    • Windows Eyes (no longer available for download)

    Question:  Who can I contact to get additional support?

    Answer:  For assistance, please follow this link to get more information on how to contact ServiceOntario for help.

    Question:  How can I send the form to the Government of Ontario once it is completed?

    Answer:  Instructions on where to send your completed form are located at the beginning of the form.  You will find that most forms need to be mailed to the Government of Ontario.  Some forms enable you to submit the form electronically. These forms will have a SUBMIT button.
    Question. How do I print a form?

    Answer. To print a form, click once on the icon on the tool bar in your Netscape window, or select from the menu, or click on a on the form. A dialogue box will pop up on your screen. If you require more than one copy, enter the number of pages you require. Click .

    Question. When I print the form it cuts off at the bottom.

    Answer. You are probably printing a legal size (8 ½" x 14") form on a letter size (8 ½" x 11") sheet. Look at the status bar below the form image. It will show you the correct paper size to use when printing. Note that some forms may be more than one page. Feed the appropriate paper in your printer to print the form.

    Question. How do I clear all the fields of any data entered?

    Answer. Click once on the button.

    Question. I can't find a form on this internet site. What do I do?

    Answer. Contact us through the Feedback button.

    Question. Once the form is completed and printed to whom do I mail the form?

    Answer. Check the mail to address on the form and send it to that address.

    Question. Who can I call if I have a problem completing the form?

    Answer. Contact us through the Feedback button.

    Question. Can I save the blank form?

    Answer. Yes, you can save the blank form. To save it, right click on the form image and select from the menu choices. However, we discourage you to do so. This form site is dynamic and it changes on a regular basis. We recommend that you complete the form directly from the internet site each time to ensure that you are using the most current version.