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Application for Authorization to continue in another jurisdiction Form 7 Business Corporations Act(007-07170)
For an Ontario business corporation that wishes to leave Ontario and continue into another jurisdiction (transfer out of Ontario).

Application for Termination of Extra-Provincial Licence - Form 4 - Extra-Provincial Corporations Act(007-07067E)
When a foreign business corporation has stopped doing business in Ontario, a Form 4 must be completed and filed in duplicate with Companies and Personal Property Security Branch.

Articles of Dissolution Form 10 Business Corporations Act(007-07122)
To voluntarily dissolve an active Ontario business corporation.

Articles of Dissolution Form 11 Business Corporations Act(007-07123)
To voluntarily dissolve an active Ontario business that has not commenced business and has not issued any of its shares within two years of the date of its incorporation.

Articles of Revival - Form 15 Business Corporations Act(007-07127)
Use this form if you wish to revive a business corporation that was cancelled under section 241 of the Business Corporations Act and it is less than twenty years after the date of dissolution. The form will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Please note that other supporting documents will also be required. For further information, please refer to: http://www.ontario.ca/ontprodconsume/groups/content/@onca/@bundles/@cppsb/documents/document/stel02_168097.pdf

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