Government of Ontario

The Royal Canadian Legion
Ontario Provincial Command
89 Industrial Parkway North
Aurora ON  L4G 4C4

Application for Veteran Plate Eligibility Certification


Section 1 - Eligibility Criteria for Ontario Veteran Plate. Please check applicable box.

Veteran plates are available to any person
who is or has honourably:

Please Note:
All previous holders of Ontario Veteran licence plates will automatically be grandfathered under the new eligibility criteria.

Section 2 - Section 2 - Applicant Identification. Print all information in BLOCK letters.

Date of Birth

Section 3 - Additional Documentation Required. Check applicable box.

A photocopy of the following documentation must be attached
for the purposes of the Royal Canadian Legion only:

Please Note: These documents must be in English or French or a certified translation of the document is required.

Section 4 - To be completed by Signing Authority of The Royal Canadian Legion, Ontario Provincial Command.

I hereby acknowledge that the applicant meets the above requirements of a Veteran and is eligible for a Veteran plate.


Information on this form is collected under the authority of the Highway Traffic Act and is used to determine the applicant’s eligibility for the issue of a motor vehicle permit and number plates bearing a Veteran graphic or for the issue of a sample plate bearing a Veteran graphic. Inquiries should be directed to: Team Manager, ServiceOntario Contact Centre, PO Box 105, 777 Bay Street, Toronto ON  M5G 2C8. Telephone: 416 235-2999. Toll Free: 1 800 387-3445. TTY toll free: 1 800 268-7095.

This application form is available only in English or French